Wednesday, May 16, 2012


They are nine hand selected members chosen to represent bully breeds with honor. Lords and Ladies assist us with our apparel design sizing. These lucky groups are our hang tag models to help you, the consumer, choose the right size for your bully. We know you will fall in love with each one of them as we did during their audition. Our Lords & Ladies represents THE BEST OF THE BREED befitting of their royal title.

Meet Lady Jane

 Jane "Pooper Lou" Andrews

Jane got her start in life belonging to what I like to call, "someone less than human."  A young man decided he would play "Russian Roulette" with his pit bull puppy.  Jane didn't get lucky, or maybe she did...  She was shot in the face and the bullet traveled to penetrate her shoulder.

Her story was covered on the news but I have never seen the video. She was taken to the E.R. and would never leave until she came home with me. 

She became a blood donor for the rare occasions that a whole-blood transfusion was needed for a dog in trouble.  She had her own suite, if you will, in the treatment area.  When I began working at the E.R. a couple years after she had first arrived there.  I knew the moment I laid eyes on her that she was so sweet.

One day I asked, if I could take her to the park with me.  From that day on, I was her most favorite person in the world. 

I couldn't sneak past her "suite" unless she was asleep.  As soon as I spoke, she was out from under her blanket and at the front of her room whining until I showed my face, said hi and gave her hugs.  If she was already out of her room when I got there, batten down the hatches, full-steam ahead and she would knock the wind out of me (thank God that's changed for the better).

We would go to the park as often as I could take her.  I left the E.R. after a couple of years and missed her dearly, but would go when I could to visit her from time to time.  After being unemployed for a while, I would bring her to my house for "stay-cations".  When I would take her back, well, sadness from both of us was evident.

My old coworkers would say that she sat in her room with a sad face not really wanting to interact much for a few hours until she knew I wasn't coming back for a while.  This made my heart melt even more.

One day I decided it was time for Jane to retire and to come home with me and become a part of our family.  I was so excited, she had already been a part of my family, but now it was permanent!  She was mine forever!   

Since 2008, she has lived with me full-time. She has a younger brother, a Dachshund named Einstein, and a cat that she hates to love, Bubba.

I'm a super-proud Pittie Mom, and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I'm going to miss her like no other when she finally leaves me to go see Jesus (which isn't anytime soon, I hope). When the Bo & DeeMo opportunity came up last year, I was excited to get her involved.

Our favorite time has been the fashion show. I was more nervous than she was.  All the Moms and Dads are great and very supportive of one another. I find that to be awesome. I feel Jane does her breed proud.  Someday, I hope to get her into therapy for senior citizens, kids seem to make her a little nervous and I prefer to help the elders that aren't cared for by their loved-ones.

My next goal is to get her to San Diego to the leash-free zone of the beach. She would have a blast chasing her ball in the ocean.

My Pooper Lou and I have made some memories together, along with my other kids and fiance… I can't wait to make many more.  She's a Momma's girl, and, honestly, I couldn't have been chosen by a better little being.


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  1. That's my girl! We are proud to represent BO and DEEMO!!!!