Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet Ambassador Rhino

His Family Fell Head over Heals

in Bully Love at First Sight!

I did not even know about the French Bulldog breed at first. Then one day I noticed the breed when we saw a Suzuki commercial - it was a commercial of a group of young people driving their Suzuki to go cliff diving, and handing out by the window was this amazingly cute white dog with huge bat ears. I said, what is that?! I searched for the commercial and found out that the dog was a French Bulldog, and so began my obsession with the breed.

It was nearly two years before I finally had the chance to get a French Bulldog of my own. My husband and I tried very hard at first to adopt a rescue Frenchie, but for one reason or another, we didn’t have any luck with that. So we decided to go with a breeder, and while searching online, we found Rhino! It was LOVE at first sight when I saw a picture of him with that awesome Frenchie grin and those huge pink and white ears. We felt safe getting it from this particular breeder, too, because the pictures showed that he was just loved. My husband flew out to Chicago on his way back home from his business trip and brought Rhino back with him. We became proud French Bulldog parents on September 25, 2009.

With a face like Rhino’s, I knew it would be a shame to keep him only to ourselves (hehe). When I saw the flyer for Bo & DeeMo company searching for new Ambassadors, I knew I had to enter Rhino. It was a fun process from the get-go. The initial try-out, the Facebook voting, making the postcards, the photo shoot, and, best of all, the runway show, were all so much fun. The runway show was the highlight of it all, and just fantastic. It was great working with so many bully lovers and enthusiasts, and to see so many cute bullies all around!

I love that Rhino has the privilege of representing the French Bulldog breed for Bo & DeeMo. When we go to the French Bulldog meet-ups, people who have attended and have been following Bo & DeeMo introduce him as a model for Bo & DeeMo :D Rhino greets the customers at my parents’ store during the day when we are at work. My parents are proud to introduce him as an Ambassador for Bo & DeeMo to their customers. He is also known as a model for Bo & DeeMo at the day camp he goes to.

Rhino bring so much joy into our lives. His curious and intelligent expressions, the big smiles, the funny little noises he makes when he wants food or wants to play (he’s grunting next to me as I’m writing this, with a toy by his paws), the way he shimmies his butt when he’s excited because he doesn’t have a tail to wag, how excited he is every morning to see us, even though he spent the entire night right next to us on the bed - all of the things he does just makes our day.

Rhino truly puts into practice, “The best place to hide is in plain sight.” The first two years we had him, we lived in an apartment. Rhino didn’t have a yard, so he would hide his bones in the corners, under the cushions, under his bed, by our feet, etc. One day, we took him over to my friend’s house. Rhino took my friend’s dog’s bone and excitedly went outside through the doggie door. We watched him expectantly, fully believing that, at last, he would hide the bone in the ground somewhere. He looked all around the yard to hide the bone, and finally found the perfect place! … and “hid” his bone right on top of the lounge chair on the patio …

Rhino is a one spoiled dog. But who could resist spoiling their bullies? It’s as if the most comfortable couches are not plush enough for him. He insists on sitting or sleeping on a pile of cushions on top of the couch. He also stakes claim in every new, comfortable thing in our house. We got a new couch and daybed set a few months back. As the delivery people were moving the couch through the door (they hadn’t even set it down yet), Rhino jumped up and nestled into the couch!

We’ve taken him on many trips, and we try to take him everywhere that we can take him. One of the favorite trips we had with him was to San Francisco. He didn’t enjoy the cold Pacific Ocean too much, but he loved the attention he got everywhere. We just loved how dog-friendly the entire city was!

We also lived in Reno for about a year before we moved back to Las Vegas. Rhino didn’t enjoy the snows we had when we lived in Reno. One winter, we took him out to the snowy field when it had been snowing a lot, with a sweater, a jacket, and booties on, and still it was too cold for him! He tried to burrow deep into the snow in an attempt to escape the snowy field (we think).   When we went into the clubhouse of our apartment at the time, he went straight for the fireplace and sat in front of it.

Rhino has become such an integral part of our family. He has been the face of our Christmas cards ever since he became ours in 2009. He’s the highlight of all our nieces and nephews’ trips to Vegas, and all of our families just love him. He has truly been a blessing in our lives - an appreciator of all things edible, a tireless tugger, a mighty destroyer of all things stuffed and squeaky, an avid hiker, a world class cuddler, and an unconditional lover.

Thank you for letting us share Rhino’s story!


  1. Lady Olivia loves Rhino! She has a secret crush on him....will even go so far as wearing her Bo & Deemo dress (as she is a tomboy) for a play date! :) Of course Daddy will need to approve... :)

  2. Rhino is a star here at Around Of A Paws!!, Whenever we give tours everyone asks about Rhino... We let them know he is our V.I.P ... very important pet! Thank you