Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture



We are thankful for the overwhelming support & success of our family owned business and passion, Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture. We appreciate you allowing us to be apart of your dog families & especially including us in your celebrations.

We've had an influx of requests throughout the state of Nevada, Nationally and Internationally for our services and products which we are speechless & thankful our passion has traveled so far.

We've also thought about another location or a bigger retail space as we've grown out of our newest location already. Needless to say, we are grateful we have been so blessed.

In order to meet these demands, we have been working diligently to launch our online retail website for more convenient shopping. Well, it's all about timing.

Most of you know I (Dee) was involved in a major car accident in September, haven't missed a day of work & have continued to "not skip a beat" as MMBC is our "baby". However, I sustained serious injuries & now it is time to get better. I will be taking a year off for multiple surgeries, physical therapy and healing as doctors are estimating 6-9 months to heal & rest.

Due to the demand & circumstances, we feel this is the perfect time to transition from our brick & mortar location to our online retail site so we can continue to bring you everything our special boutique offers you 24/7, at your convenience.

We will miss your faces and your beautiful dogs this coming year. This is what saddens us most. Customers have become friends and friends have become our family. Our team is the best group of people we've ever met, & because of them, we are who we are.

We will announce when our Online site launches & we'll stay in touch with all of you. All services, All artists, All products & even DELIVERY will be available to our loyal customers.

Kevin, Dee and the Villa Mounts Zoo

 ❤❤❤ It's a Bully Thing! ❤❤❤

Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture voted "Best Of The City!"
in Vegas Seven Magazine!!!  

We are so proud our customers and fans that voted and wrote
beautiful nominations for this HUGE win!


** NEW Custom Product at Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture **
"Mugsy & Moxie's View" Newspaper Placemats
As used at K9's & Cocktails

 You email us your favorite (high res) photo of your dogs along with a little paragraph about your dog, we print/laminate
it for an amazing keepsake. 

 Frame it, use it as a placemat, give as a gift.

Now available at Mugsy & Moxie's with The Bully Girl

Training teaches you how we humanize our dogs and how to "Speak" to your dogs in dog language with touch and correct leash handling....
NO WORDS spoken.
It's a fast transformation in 1 hour because now your dogs know exactly what you want.
Any issues can be immediately changed during the session.
* walking on leash
*jealousy of new baby/puppy
*pack walking
*barking at dogs while out

Call (702) 808-9339 to BOOK YOUR SESSION with The Bully Girl of LV.

She will evaluate, teach, train at the store in a one hour session, help you with tools to properly exercise your dog, correct your dog so
you become a happy, healthy and balance dog family.

Customer Gift Registry & Wish List
New at Mugsy & Moxie's, you can come in with your dogs, we measure them, fit them with all your favorite items in the store for the dogs AND YOU can add the human items you want too! Then send your friends to us & we'll help them go through your wish list for easy shopping!
Another VIP shopping experience for our beloved customers!

Harlot loves her new collar! It fits on the first notch so she has plenty of room to grow. My mom nearly died with excitement when
she saw the collar.

 NO Pull Harness @ Mugsy & Moxie's
We tested, customer's LOVE this simple design that gives results fast! Perfect for the dogs who continuously pull, are in training to walk appropriately, dogs that 'drag' you. They "pinch" between the shoulder blades and NOT the neck. Very safe for any trachea concerns...
Come in to get fitted today!

Customer Steven Keltie... "This harness solved my Mastiff's pulling
problems overnight!"

 Earrings go to the Dogs! GLUED Swarovski Crystals for the doggies!
In store service. Last 4-6 weeks, we use the only non toxic pet safe glue (Moxie was always in earrings) bring your fur baby in today and bling up your babies.

Dog Couture Service Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture
Gorgeous Bow Ties for your special occasion or a full Chef outfit because your dog is the "face" of your company or special couture for the little pooches too! DeeMo is designing such things for our beautiful 4 legged clients all the time. Maybe you like to be original! Top design team will craft something for you! Come in for details!


 Small Dog items at MMBC. Harness/Leash Sets, Quality Beds, BEST Strollers and Dog Toys too!
We have it all for ALL breeds and sizes!
Come in for a fitting today!

Another amazing USA product available to show your dog off!
Exclusive dog butt wall hooks in new colors and bling. Single, Double or triple hooks. Or you can order custom colors too. Only available at MMBC.

  K9's & Cocktails♥ 
EVERY Sunday, 1p-4p thru Summer
Call your friends to meet up for an AIR CONDITIONED
spot to mingle and enjoy $2 drink specials.
Dog's get a CHEF'S dinner like Sweet Potato/rice, water served on our "Mugsy & Moxie's View" Newspaper placemat featuring
our Royal Court Models!
A great place to meet other amazing dog parents, meet a future mate and have lasting memories for your scrapbook.
View Wine Bar & Kitchen
and Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture

 Pet Strollers
We sell mainly one brand, it's the BEST on the market that LASTS! You can purchase a dog stroller from us and we can have it shipped directly to you OR we can assemble it (not that hard) and call you to pick up at the store. Comes in many colors/patterns, has 3 secure belts to hold dogs safely inside while open, brakes, cup tray, basket and zips for extra security. Come in today to get your stroller. Great for HOT weather so dog's paws won't burn or keep those expensive grooms clean longer too! Another VIP service at Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture.

Peanut the Yorkie came in tonight...
he's a regular looking for the newest fashion! Cutie❤

4 month old LUCKY getting his new harness/leash set!
What a ham!

Dog House by local artist FOR SALE!
Custom made, beautiful!
Come in to MUGSY & MOXIE'S for details!
Delivery available for extra fee.

Valentine Peanut Butter Dog Treats!!!
Don't forget the dogs!
Show your ❤ love!

King Mugsy Malone flirting with Jodie...
He thinks that's his job you know! LOL!

Mugsy arrived at the store to find our bulldog buddy, DeeBo YAY!
Love him!

The King giving a birthday gift to Aunt Jenny yesterday.
Mugsy ❤loves❤ his Auntie!

Miss Scarlet came in to practice her runway diva walk with Mugsy.
Smart girl, she's getting her bully ready for the
Bully Baby Model search on Feb 10th!!!

Another Exclusive at MMBC!
Necklaces/key chains...any breed.
Choose what we have on the shelves or have YOUR photo done custom!
$7-$20 ONLY at MMBC!

DeeMo aka The Bully Girl with Coco and her Bulldogs...Maximus and Spartacus!
We were special guests of Coco's to see Peepshow
and then we met backstage!
What a great night!
Gotta hang with the bulldog peeps! ♥

Is your NFL team in the Superbowl?
Well, we have many team bandanas!
Locally made, exclusive to MMBC.
Just slide collar through and the dog is a fan!!!'s time to vote for THE BEST OF LAS VEGAS...
HOWEVER, they don't have a PET category yet again!
So we are asking you to put MUGSY & MOXIE'S BULLY COUTURE
in BEST DESIGNER category.


Bellini the Pug visited today.
Mom blinged out our velvet hoodie too!
Got lots of PUG LOVE!

Prince Dozer had arrived to the store in ROYAL BULLY STYLE!!!

The BB Girls awaiting the Royal arrival of King Mugsy and Prince Dozer!

Our couture service! Mr. Beefy just had his fitting.
Isn't our Chef outfit adorable on him!

We're finishing up the boutique with
custom shelving and signage finally!!!
ur friend Arica Dorff of Pet'ographique has
provided us with some of her amazing dog photos!
We chose 16 photos of "other than bullies" to hang throughout the store!
If YOU are a client, your dog may just have been chosen!
Check back on our Bo & DeeMo FB page and we'll
post them when we get them up!!
You're going to love them!
You can also find Pet'ographique on FB.
King Mugsy has entered the boutique... and went straight to bed! LOL


Sarge a 9 year old Bulldog with PROUD Daddy wearing
our BITEWEAR cap!
Proceeds-wounded warrior, police and special Olympics!

EXCLUSIVES at MMBC boutique!
Problem finding items that look just like your fur-babies?
We have these custom feeders, 3 sizes...
Local LV artisan product!
Come in to get any breed at the store, or order your customs!

Valentine bandanas are arriving! LV artist product EXCLUSIVE to MMBC! We have many styles AND NFL TOO!

Demi and her sister got fitted today!
These ChiWeinies are set for their snow trip!

We LOVE our K9 customers!
Therapy dogs and all like this poodle beauty!

Coco just finished her fitting.
Now she's looking good and cozy for the winter!

Our NEW local artist just dropped more breed magnets into our store! $3.00 each makes great gifts or for your collections! We have plenty of breeds, more being added weekly.

Prince Dozer warm while he works the store tonight and
proudly shows off his bone.  LOL!


Two blinged out Pitbulls with their Daddy, Ray Alamo and Trainer Danny Chavez... after the girls 2 hour fitting session!

Gawki is pitbull sister to Lani.  She picked purple for her wardrobe!!!Isn't she cute?

Lani came in with her sister for their fitting. We set these pitbulls up! Collars, hoodies leashes beaters and backpacks!! IT'S A BULLY THING!

Isabella the Maltese worked at the boutique last night to get some training done, promote products and met all our K9 customers.
She even accomplished a 6 min "leave it" in the store while customers were watching with a treat in front of her nose!
She just may have a future Intern position at MMBC

Lily is a rescue Pitt, found days after owner diedNew Mom was quick to spoil her with a B&D Hoodie! What a sweetheart!

Dog breed artisan magnets with adorable sayings. Bulldogs, Yorkies, Schnauzers, Greyhounds, Boston Terrier's, Rotties, Boxers, Beagles, Pitbulls & Mutts. Designs by Diane is a Local Las Vegas Artist creating fun dog breed magnets. MANY more breeds are coming in by the end of the month! What a great gift to add to a Birthday, Missing You
or Just Because card for your friends!
OR... collect them all for yourself! You can't beat the price, Just $3.00! Exclusively at MMBC!

D'Jango, 8 week old Maltese/Chi puppy & his Mom (Bride to be) came in to get his first jacket.... she chose the "Little Devil" Hoodie...
He's a cool looking heart breaker for sure!


One of our favorite customers Jen and her little Maltese, Princess Izzy surprised us today at the store! The BB Girls were EXCITED to play with their girl friend today! Too cute for words!

 Charlie the Great Dane clears the aisle for sure! Gorgeous boy came in to do some shopping! Sooo handsome!

 Felix came by the store, an 11 month old and sweetest boy ever! Up for ADOPTION today at Tivoli Village by home for spot. Love this boy!

 Optimus loving our dog house at the least his Mom does!

Mugsy tired as he posed for sooo many photos tonight for his loving fans. They are loving his new crown too!
Faux Fur Puffer Hoodie with Taffeta and Satin.
Extra warmth with quilting!

Stretch velvet/satin hoodie, our lighter version of the hoodie, yet fancy and comfortable enough to keep the chill away but look fabulous! 

Brutus in Blue/Charcoal Hoodie.

Poe the Bulldog came in to shop tonight. His friend Buster told Poe how cool our shop he made his way to us! Had fun shopping tonight. What a cutie pie!

 That's right, King Mugsy posing with Steven Segal! Two hunky guys!!!

Photo: Optimus the poodle sitting on his new Bagel Bed that Mom got him from MMBC!  So cute!  PS, We know poodles are smart...but emailing us?...Impressed!  LOL
Optimus the poodle sitting on his new Bagel Bed that Mom got him from MMBC! So cute! PS...  We know poodles are smart...but emailing us?... Impressed! LOL!
8 months old Buster shopped for a new collar, coconut and cologne! Looks like Dozer!!!

LV Artist- Hanukkah bandanas. Collar slides through for easy dressing!

LV Artist-NFL teams many to choose from.
Collar slides through for easy dressing

LV Artist- Various bandanas with cute prints.
Collar slides through for easy dressing.

BIONIC Dog Toys!
These are SO TOUGH, we saw them in a blender with NO damage done at all! We have them IN STOCK!
Small and Medium Balls, Large Bones and Large stuffers.
Great for gifts too!

LV Artist Dog Breed Feeders! Every Breed OR Custom feeder painted exactly like your dog at no extra cost!
Three sizes: 4", 8" & 13" $39.99 - $75.
Can have extra custom options at additional cost


LV Artist-Custom couture beds, bling, sleep sacks, bean bag filling for those who have joint issues, memory foam and more.
Great for those who want one of a kind dog items!

Bulldog Bed Frame 3x2 feetLV artist discontinued this product, we have one left on CLOSEOUT $125!
*** B
ed Cushion Not Included ***

 Doggie first aid! We found the best travel kit around. 51 must have items. Take it with you on trips, keep in house, on hikes etc. everything you possibly need! 

Stimulating dog toys for OVERLY HYPER, ANXIOUS DOGS.  Designed by a Pitbull owner, throw the lure in the air for agility exercise, or throw lure on the ground for tracking exercise. This will pull all the anxiety out of the dog for a stimulating play and teach dogs to relax, behave. Helps get rid of chewing needs, separation issues and more!

Human bulldog tees comes in the cutest gift box. $20.

Dog Breed Tote... Tattoo Style, very cute!

Luggage tags with your fav breed

Stuff less dog toys for small dogs!

Incred-A-Bull I HEART PITBULLS. Black, Mint left. All proceeds go to charity! $22 for shirts, Pitbull Artwork, Necklaces!
Great for bragging on your fav breed!

 OHHHHH! We sold out AGAIN! But it's on its way to the store! We have a waiting list for this, we will post right here when it arrives. So once you see the post its IN STOCK, hurry to stock up! Only small cans will be coming in, LG cans are still on back order!
02369*Best quick fix for dog works on kids too :)

Essential Oils/Dog Cologne...Keep your dog's skin issues at bay with this spray. Treats/conditions hot spots, cuts, swelling, pores, coat, smells great with either Peppermint or Lavender. Heals issues naturally, keeps dogs smelling so good you can't stop hugging them. We stand by this product 100% We have a few left, more expected soon.

Dozer and Mugsy representing the Bulldogs at the store!
The boys will be working the boutique all weekend,
so stop by to get your bully fix and shop to get all
your doggie needs for the Holidays!

 Our 4 pack of Maltese Girls STOP traffic when they work our store (and Tivoli)...Here they are with Auntie Jenn after Josie & Sara had a spa day at Shaggy Chic today! Bonnie & Bella had fun introducing the Granny Girls to everyone!

This Cutie Pie stopped in and is now riding in style in this comfy carrier!

Bones, balls & stuffers! Hurry it took months to get these in!!!

Coco Austin Bully Mom from Ice Loves Coco and the new star of Peepshow received a Very Special Welcome from The Bully Girl of Las Vegas, Dee Mounts of Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture!  Look at that custom feeder the spitting image of "Spartacus"

Are you on Yelp! Well so are we and we have participated in another LOCAL deal! We have a check in offer just for you dog lovers. Sign up for the Pledge! #yelpshopslv

They say 'tis better to give than to receive. We say: Why not do both? For every $100 you spend at an independent retailer, $45 stays local - so put your money where your heart is! Those dollars add up to change, strengthening our local economy, keeping it unique, and generating the warm fuzzies you'll feel from supporting small businesses in all across Vegas that we love.

As 2012 comes to a close, we're challenging communities across Yelpland to buy outside the (big) box. By RSVPing, you're proudly pledging to support the great local business community whenever possible, and encouraging others to do the same.

Take the Pledge and shop local this season!

Even buying one gift locally makes a big difference in our community. Take the pledge to "Shop Local" this year!
Click "I'm in" on the far right side of this event page. That's it! We don't need a financial commitment (hey, you manage your own bank account!) or your name in blood, promise.

If you don't know where to start, here's a list of locally-owned spots all with gifts under $30 AND that will be offering a Yelp check in offer for everyone who checks in on the Yelp mobile app starting Friday, November 23rd thru December 24th! Peep the gallery to see our featured gift pick from each!

Mugsy & Moxies Bully Couture…
Thimbleberry House…
B Sweet Candy Boutique…
Urban Ranch General Store…
Vato Cigars…
Las Vegas Distillery "Half Full" Store…
Corner Store…
Civilian Clothing…
The Fragrance Factory…
Kettlemuck's Toy Shoppe…
Feature Sneaker Boutique…
The Dog House…
MIXT Urban Beauty Bar & Boutique…
Amari Boutique…
Patty's Closet Fashion Boutiques (including Rainbow, St. Rose, Summerlin, Northwest, Henderson, Aliante and Town Square) http://www.ilovepattyscl…

Stop by Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture on Saturday, November 24th and take advantage of our Small Business Saturday specials!

Princess Izzy enjoying her new BED IN A BAG set exclusive to MMBC! Bagel Bed (waterproof), dog blanket and pillow. Already gift wrapped and ready to go!
Two sizes...these are AMAZING! She's so happy!♥

OH MY!!! USA made Bed in a Bag sets ONLY at our store. We have many colors/fabrics to choose from...girls, boys, match your decor! Waterproof insert (no soiling worries), machine washable, softest beds ever!, matching doggie blanket and Pillow to boot! Two sizes & ready for gift giving with a bow! Only the BEST at MMBC
Cosmo (our movie dog) came in again last night. Mom ordered a custom "lookalike" feeder...Cosmo got treats for posing so well! Ain't he adorable?♥

Get your LIBERACE on! Lined leather, lots of BLING many colors!

Mac & Tosh came to shop for their Holiday outfits! Look how cute these Frenchies are!
NFL Teams! More teams coming in, you can custom order in store!
Tons of cute prints! Dogs, bones, Hawaiian, Fire Dept, Western, Crowns and more! 

Travel suitcase dog feeders. These are AWESOME! USA made of course!
Two colors to choose from!

Ms Lily a deaf beautiful girl.
Posing with her new Swarovski crystal collar!

Always honored to be loved by a bully girl!
Lily may be deaf, but she sure knows a bully lover❤❤❤

This frog dog doing tricks for peanut butter treats!!!
Way cute!

Double mint twins representing the Vizsla's!
The Vizsla is a dog breed originating in Hungary.
What lovers!

King Mugsy flirting yet again!!!  He loves his fans!!!

Betty the Shitzu wearing her new skull/crossbones harness & leash set!
Love her!

Swarovski Crystal earrings at MMBC.
We have the service in store! 
Pet safe glue, beautiful crystals only $7.00.

Brenda with one of her three doggies.
Training help and shopping tonight!

Two visitors today craving Peanut Butter treats!
So sweet these two!!!
 New Charity Items from

October is Custom Order Month at MMBC!!!
Get Your Holiday Order In!


A whole lotta HANK came in today!
This gorgeous bulldog came a shopping for a collar & fitted for a Buddy Belt.
Love him!

Bully Beaters On Sale!
Bully Beaters On Sale!!!

Charley the Yorkie. It was little doggie day at the boutique!
Charley is getting the angel wing harness too! So cute!

Can you say MaltiPoo new baby!!!
OMD!!! Brings back memories of the BB Girls!

Abby came back into today!
Only 5 months old!
Such a cutie!

Meet Drake!
A real, no joke mixed breed....a Bullshit!
Bulldog/shitzu...scratch off our Bucket list! Sweet boy!

Dexter loves his new collar :)

Jake the Mastiff came into the store tonight to get fitted for his Cameo hat.
Look how adorable this stud is!
We showed tricks to his Dad for brushing his teeth, and he got a
Dog Savers Bone to keep him stimulated while Dad's at work!

Referring over 10 new customers to MMBC!
A small token of BULLY LOVE from B&D to You!

Just one of the Buddy Belts.
Many leathers, fancy, plain, blinged out, many sizes.
In store for sizing, pre-order!
Best quality for our customers!
Buddy Belts on English Bulldogs. Only at MMBC
Boston Terrier wearing Buddy Belt.
Frenchie modeling Buddy Belts.
Doxie with Buddy Belt.

Pet Water Bottle 
A MUST HAVE for dog parents. These feature a "Hamster Ball" for NO SPILL results! Various prints, Small or Large. Take in the car, on road trips, dog park or where ever! Sm $12.99 Lg $16.99

Harness & Leash Sets
for Small Dogs


Small Sofa for doggies! Large is a double of this!
Choose your fabrics to match your home decor or your wild side!
Denzel & Cole shopped today! Daddy ❤LOVES❤ our bio degradable lavender scented poop treats too! Cute twins!

This is the line we chose to carry! Bluing, amazing conditioners (aloe, hot conditioning products), baby powder cologne.... USE WITH THE COCONUT OIL! Everyone LOVES how the King feels, smells and his coat beauty.... this is ONE of the products he uses!
Have a few in stock but we'll be carrying this line for sure!
NEW! Faux Fur beds.
Recycled plastic fill for or Faux Fur 3 way Trundle Bag Beds! GORGEOUS!
The day after! A little older but Mugsy still has that ❤Coolness factor❤
It was an awesome celebration and many came to wish
King Mugsy a very Happy Birthday!!! 

King Mugsy waiting for the guest to arrive!
It's my party and I'll pout if I want to! 

YAY! They're coming!
Available for belly rubs!
Einstein and Lady Jane waiting to get their picture taken.
Buster had his picture taken and talked
Mommy into some other goodies!
Skully was so happy and excited to get his picture taken! 
 Lola stopped by with her babies!
Winston 7 weeks old!
4 month old JAX came into the store!
He's a licken' lover boy already! So cute!

A MUST have for your dogs! Their very own first aid kit to keep in the car, home, take with you on trips. Everything you need to tend to your babies! These are special order $40, pay in advance.
 Contains EVERYTHING you need! Scissors, tweezers, special paw wraps, pads, tape and SO much more!! Over 25 necessities in the FIRST AID KIT! Special order IN STORE only, $40, pay in advance.
 Have you come into the boutique to FEEL these amazing doggie/baby blankets?  You MUST!  We are the new FLAGSHIP boutique for this amazing USA company!   Blankets xs-xl, various shapes dog beds-water resistant!  Dog couches and ALL CUSTOMIZED to YOUR liking!  You choose, fabrics, colors, sizes...Got a human baby?  We have the baby blankets too!  So soft...softest materials on the market!
Come in to see what you can design!

Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture has a complimentary referral service for our customers. Pet Sitting is one of the most asked question! Trainer, Daniel Chavez has an amazing program for your beloved dogs while you're away! He's like no other. Contact Danny for all the details and be sure to mention us!"  Danny's Dogs

Frankie came in today for a drink and pet corrector.
(Boston terrier pack member) lol!


Our young customers LOVE our products! Kenneth got a Chi feeder as a gift from his family because he worked hard in school! Look at his reaction....PRICELESS! any breed, or custom just like your dog...get your feeder in 3 sizes, SM to X.

 Chloe the Maltese meets our Maltese pack at the store!!

Josie's PUG pack came to visit! Mom got a cool pug luggage tag!
They got treats!!

Goldie came in to get a custom feeder!! 

Sadie got Swarovski crystal earrings today in our store! So pretty!!

Of course Mugsy has fans! But he's WAY tired. Pictures ALL night during the concert! What a star!

 Dozer gets more new fans tonight! Poor boy has never worked this much in his life. Think he's a pro!
Cosmo in the house! Getting peanut butter treats. This guy should be in movies!

Abigail at 5 months old! Stocked up on great stuff! What a liver girl!!
Foxy's twin feeder! How awesome!! Any breed available! This Pom is hot!!!


Oh Michelle Andrews!!!! Einnies collar/leash came in ready to pick up!! It's pretty cool!!!
NEW! We witnessed the BLENDER test! These BIONIC toys will stand up to the WORST CHEWERS/DESTROYERS! We have a few in store, full stock coming soon! Come in to see the durability etc. Stimulating/Quality! You know how we TEST~
 This is the line we chose to carry! Blueing, amazing conditioners (aloe, hot conditioning products), baby powder cologne....USE WITH THE COCONUT OIL!! Everyone LOVES how the King feels, smells and his coat beauty....this is ONE of the products he uses! Have a few in stock...but we'll be carrying this line for sure!

Vet approved water additive $16 at MMBC, but always available at Camino al Norte Animal Hospital! This last Mugsy's 6 pack/plus two cats 9-12 months to help tarter build up, fresh breath after brushing! We tested all and this is DEEMO's #1 Pick!
 C.E.T. Aquadent Dental Care Water Additive for Pets 500-ml bottle
VET approved! We have a few poultry tubes (King Mugsy and his entire pack uses this!) But they are always available at Camino al Norte Animal Hospital! $7 each ***Use with the water additive for tarter control, fresh breath**
CET Poultry Toothpaste, 70 gm

Dual toothbrushes in Baby Pink or Baby Blue $2 each. We can teach you in store at MMBC to upkeep the dogs health! 

 New USA Company to MMBC!! These are just a FEW of the materials in reversible doggie blankets YOU MUST SEE IN PERSON!! The feel is so amazing you will give up your King bed and sleep in the dog bed! No Kidding! Blankets are XS-XL..custom fabrics to choose from (over 30) to fit your tastes! 

Square beds to DIE FOR! Choose your fabrics. USA made, amazing bed couture! ONLY at MMBC 

Dog furniture beds. This is the chair! Oh Ya! You can get a loveseat sofa too! Choose your fabrics! AMAZING! Great prices too! Only at MMBC 

Round donut bed..don't be fooled these are the BEST! Washable, water resistant, custom fabric choices on ALL BEDS! Only at MMBC 

 Rectangular bed, so many fabric choices, sizes etc. Only at MMBC

We want YOUR opinion on these harness/backpack items. We picked up two so customers can touch, feel, see etc. BUT it's a USA company that has their products (these and other cute prints) made in Thailand. We're NOT that happy about it, but promised we would let OUR fans/customers choose to have them in our store. So, what are your thoughts? Carry them or No Way?

A MUST have for your dogs! Their very own first aid kit to keep in the car, home, take with you on trips. Everything you need to tend to your babies!

Contains EVERYTHING you need! Scissors, tweezers, special paw wraps, pads, tape and SO much more!! Over 25 necessities in the FIRST AID KIT! Special order IN STORE only, $40, pay in advance 

 Quilted filling with pooch pocket so they can hide and nestle while they nap. Every bone has a doggie name on it. Easy to grab to take with you too! LV artist really puts "boutique" in her beds!

Over stuffed with the best soft stuffing ever! Camo bed with two bows finished off with BLING! LV Artist creates, softness, comfort, beauty - only the best for your pooch!

Memory Foam bed, Swarovski crystals, Bling Bone pillow. Hand made by LV artist. High quality YOU would want for yourself, so why not your beloved dog! 

Square large BEAN BAG filling with Swarovski crystals. Amazing softness that your pooch will LOVE to nest in! Local LV artist hand makes all these beds! 


 Mugsy posing w/ Jose our Pet Corrector guy at SuperZoo today!! We ❤ Jose & @petcorrector

English & French Bulldog Jewelry by Markie Char, boutique next to US!!! These are HOT HOT HOT!

Linda/Hank, Yoshi and Bone's mom
 Hank the bulldog and Yoshi the Frenchie in class

Einstein is now listening

Dozer, Mugsy & Skully

Dozer, Mugsy and Skully..

Einstein NOT paying attention to Danny LOL....YET! 

And the class begins!

 Danny giving analagies to help students understand their dog.

Dozer too tired to play with Casper & Mugsy. (Asleep farting away now!) 

Husky Feeder-for big dogs! For customer Ace! Sooo cool!
Dozers turn! He's learning stardome! Lol

King Mugsy w 2 yr old Ben. Daddy is Air Force! Woohoo! 
Dozer hamming Kevin up at the store!
He knows how to get attention! LOL

 Bulldog coin purse 2-sided!
Discontinued BUT WE HAVE 5 left!
Wayyyy cute!


Tattoo Fluff luggage tags. Cute with a little edge makes you want to put on your handbags, totes, luggage too. Great gifts! $9.99

Tattoo Fluff collection. Soooo many breeds on one large tote bag.
Great graphics! Totes are $32-$36

Large Poodle quilted die for really! Very girly!
Great for gifts too! Totes are $32-$36

We have all these breeds including the Bulldog. Use them on your luggage, totes, backpacks or whatever! Brag on your favorite breeds. Really an awesome gift or for yourself! $9.99

  Poodle Tshirt. Really adorable! Comes in great dog "cigar" box ready to give as a gift or keep for yourself. $20

Cute Bulldog Pink Shirt, comes in an awesome "cigar" box with great graphics too! $20

Fou Fou at Mugsy & Moxie's Boutique

Spice things up with these dog breed writing pens. Another gift idea,
or for yourself. Keep your notes interesting with these
conversation starters!

 More bag tags. Cute yet you will love to show these off on your handbags, totes, luggage or whatever! Show your breed pride.

Dog Breed Key Chains, a great gift or yourself to show off
YOUR favorite breed!

 Another company for breed bragging and a great dog carrier for
med dogs that will save your back!

Dexter sporting the Crown Jewel Collection in Black. AND Dad also got a red leather with IRON CROSSES so Dexter can choose! LOL!

All Natural Grooming Products
at Mugsy & Moxie's Boutique

Meet Bronx the Mastiff! Bronx came into the store yesterday
stopping all traffic by his regal size! What a gorgeous boy!

DeeBo the EB puppy, Mugsy with Ciara owner of ERA!
Bulldog day for sure!!

 Bob cooling off in the store! Such a pretty red/white.

 Bob & Mugsy chatting on grooming stuff! Love this little boy!
Close up if Cubby! High style little dude!

 Mugsy welcoming Cubby! He's a Chicago Cubs fan!

 Spice things up with these dog breed writing pens. Another gift idea, or for yourself. Keep your notes interesting with these conversation starters!
Dog Breed Key Chains, a great gift or yourself to show off YOUR favorite breed!

 More bag tags. Cute yet you will love to show these off on your handbags, totes, luggage or whatever! Show your breed pride.

 Finally a carrier for the MED size dogs. Sporty and easy on your back! Holds up to 16 pounds. Available in other sizes/colors-we can always order the right one for our customers! Black, Grey or White.

Coconut Oil.  All natural, safe and the BEST to add to your dogs bath with your shampoo! The most popular question our customers ask DeeMo..."What do you use on Mugsy Malone?" Relieves shedding, conditions skin/coat. Dogs can EAT it too! Helps their health from the INSIDE out! Expected in store Aug 24th!
Essential Oil Spray that smells good too! Lavender/Eucalyptus or Peppermint/Tea Tree. Another item Mugsy Malone uses to keep his skin/coat conditioned naturally. Use as a anti inflammatory for allergies, skin conditions and so much more! $12.99 samples in store also!

Bling in!

Little dog studs. USA made, top quality!

 Spikes for the little dogs who behave "tough". Leather, USA made. Great quality.
Bling in Red!

BLING! Enough said!

Iron Cross on leather, lined, sealed and machine stitched.
Coolness all the way!

 Faux Fur USA made, matching 4ft leashes and Chic!

Beautiful & Regal for the big dogs! Lined, sealed, machine stitched. Matching 4 ft leashes too!

Poodle Tshirt. Really adorable! Comes in great dog "cigar" box ready to give as a gift or keep for yourself. $20
 Tattoo Fluff luggage tags. Cute with a little edge makes you want to put on your handbags, totes, luggage too. Great gifts! $9.99

 Tattoo Fluff collection. Soooo many breeds on one large tote bag. Great graphics! Totes are $32-$36

Large Poodle quilted die for really! Very girly! Great for gifts too! Totes are $32-$36

We have all these breeds including the Bulldog. Use them on your luggage, totes, backpacks or whatever! Brag on your favorite breeds. Really an awesome gift or for yourself! $9.99

 Cute Bulldog Pink Shirt, comes in an awesome "cigar" box with great graphics too! $20
Bella Boo working for Mugsy today! She looks Hollywood!!! Lol

Roxys Mom Deann came to visit
for the BOSTON TERRIER Fluff line items! Cool bully pride!

 Yoda a Victorian Bulldog 1 year old came into the boutique yesterday. His Daddy asked for grooming help, how to get Yoda to love the brush, what collar/leash to better control his dog too. We provide these helpful tips free of charge to help dog parents live a more balanced life! Yoda was a new dog in 15 mins! It's a Bully Thing!

Cutest gift box it comes in! $20 each! In store now!

FLUFF in store. Many breeds-luggage tags, totes.
Coin purses! $9.99 & up!

Here is Kabu the Akita with Mom Karen.
Danny Chavez teaching the big digs tonight.

 Danny taught a special clas tonight for store owners/employees.
Here's Misha the GM w/ Megan.

Our Model Kane as a custom feeder! How awesome & TALL! ❤❤❤

 Reunion w/Ambassador Sophie!
Mugsy was one happy camper seeing her again!


Look at these beauties visiting our store! Adorable! 

 Beautiful Great Dane visiting our boutique! We're In LOVE!❤❤
Carrot Top stopped by to see how King Mugsy lives! Yay!

 INVASION! Layla, Lucy, Ginger & Schnitzel.
How cute are these young dog lovers!

Dog Breed feeders can be used as candy dishes, flower pots, porch decorations etc. Local LV artisans handcraft these EXCLUSIVELY for our boutique! Any breed. 4inch raised feeders $39.99 or 8inch raised feeders $45.99. Custom options: (no extra charge) to look exactly like YOUR dog! Cats...sure! Other options are higher feeders for larger breeds with 2 Qt bowls..will get a quote when you request it!

Local LV artist, exclusive to our boutique. NEW black frame/chain and LOTS of breeds: Cane Corso, Pitbull, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Mastiff and more just $12 Framed necklaces are great for gifts OR custom of Your dog:
Heart, Circle, Oval or Square frames $20 Plain with no frame just $7

 Custom Bitewear "Americana" hats. Love the embroidery, 3D embroidery on top, USA pride printed on bill in red, white, blue. Dawg 2 Dawg donates profits: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Wounded Warrior & Special Olympics! $19.99
 Dog Savers: Candy scent, flexible with treat stations. Put peanut butter in center, give to your dog. Dogs now have a *job* trying to get the treat out of the bone/stick. Stimulates their brains, always a favorite with chewers, dogs that destroy their other toys in dog has yet to destroy these, dogs favorite toy. They float, easy to clean, different levels of strength. For small/Huge dogs, Bones, Retriever Sticks, Flyer discs. $7.99 to $14.99
 CoCo came to get bday gifts for her 5th bday today! What a cutie!!
 Custom necklace ordered by Kate. Proud lab mom! It came out perfect! Want yours? Order at our store!

Calie, 3 mos old got her photo taken on the Victorian chair yesterday. Such a Princess!
 Even the men love Mugsy! The King posed for photos all night long! That boy is PASSED out in our bed now!

 King Mugsy hanging w the ladies @erabyciara free make overs tonight!
3 month old Calie came into the store today! Melted all kinds of hearts!

Look at Coco the princess shopping in our store tonight!

Archie came in tonight with his Dad.
It's Archie's 6th Bday!
He gobbled our peanut butter treats right up! Cutie!

Fresh Peanut Butter bones delivered by CupKates today!
$2 ea or 6 for $10!! Yummy! All natural!!

Brand new! Heart/bone peanut butter dog treats!!!
By CupKates ONLY for MMBC store! Yum!

Local LV artist, exclusive to our boutique. NEW black frame/chain and LOTS of breeds: Cane Corso, Pitbull, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Mastiff and more just $12 Framed necklaces are great for gifts OR custom of Your dog: Heart, Circle, Oval or Square frames $20 Plain with no frame just $7
100% cotton plaid shirt with skull tattoo screen

 Green Camo Hareness
 Custom made Bulldog Beds!
Brand New! Framed dog necklaces. $7-$12 or Custom of your dog $20! All breeds, LV Artist Pink Pug Studios!
Dog Savers
Essential oils body spray for dogs
Hand Beaded Satin Dress
Leash Holders
Pink Camo Harnes
 Quilted satin with feathers and leash!! Harness! In store now!

  Polka Dot Harness!

Rhinestone CROWN hair clips for small dogs!
Pink/Clear Crystals only $2.00 ea.
Skull Harness
Small breed summer dress harnesses! 
 Union Jack Bandanas

We LOVE Our Visitors!
Ali & Olivia
Pink Bully Beater
Dozer with his Dog Saver
 Georgia Peach 9 weeks old
Mugsy kissing baby!
King Mugsy with Fire Inspector Ross
4 mo old
Ambassador Dotty 
 Beautiful Pitbull artwork by Jesica Clemens Founder of Incred-A-Bulls (our charity) Buy one of these beauties and $20 goes right back to Incred-A-Bulls!
$22 each... Art for Charity!
Bulldog Brag Apparel BULLDOG!
Available at Mugsy & Moxie's Hats $19.99 Shirts $24.99
This is Rob, he abandoned his family and made a B Line to see if Mugsy was at our store! LOL.... Poor guy just lost their dog of 15 years....but we put a bug in his ear about getting a Frenchie!...we'll see, he loved Lord Trips photo on the wall! Another Mugsy fan!

Dozer sent us his modeling photo as a happy bulldog with our "Bully Angel" tattoo ribbed BullyBeater!
In store $18-$20,
White of Baby Pink for the girls. XS-XL
They fit a variety of breeds! XS fits Maltese too!
Come and get them!
USA Made


 Look at the GORGEOUS framed art of King Mugsy Malone!
Jesica of Incred-A-Bulls (one of our amazing charities) made for me!
I'm now searching for a special frame to put it in....OH YES!
We will display this piece of art in the boutique! AND....we have PITBULL art by Jesica and glass tile necklaces of PITBULLS!
All are $22 each! $20 goes right back to INCRED-A-BULLS!
Can't beat Artwork, Jewelry and Shirts helping Jesica's organization!

 Meet Duke aka Sugar. Duke belongs to Incred-A-Bulls founder, Jesica.
He got a wholesome dog bone treat made for our store
by CupKates today for being...
"Sweet as Sugar!"


Our Customer Ordered Feeder...
Bulldog Dewey (painted to look just like him)
Only available at our Boutique, Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture!

Custom Feeder of "Luck Jo" a Boston Terrier.
Aren't these adorable?

Coming soon to Mugsy & Moxie's!! Hand crafted & sturdy for the Big Dogs! Can be ordered any breed!
Another exclusive item by Las Vegas Artisans!

Coming soon to Mugsy & Moxie's boutique!! Another hand crafted/sturdy bed for the Big Dogs, can be ordered in any size/color...
perfect for your Prince or Princess!
By Las Vegas Artisans, exclusively for our store!

Look at the hand crafted dog house that arrived yesterday! Our artist will do a little refurbishing on it...then..up for sale!
In the meantime it's a great addition to our boutique!!

Our gorgeous Pitbull runway model, Kane enjoying his Dog Saver Flyer. Mom, Annie says he's really trying hard to destroy it! LOL!
Kane's going to the lake tomorrow and taking the toy...
No worries! Dog Savers FLOAT!
This favorite will come back home with him! WooHoo!

This brother & sister couldn't get enough of Mugsy!
They live in Utah, but visit Summerlin often....two more fans for the King!


King Mugsy Malone models perfectly during Vegas Rated Magazine's photo shoot of our store, Mugsy & Moxie's. And all thanks to his girlfriend, Kate Thompson owner of CupKates LV!
Thanks Katie! We love you!!! 

Photographer Andrew beginning to fall in LOVE!

Photographer Andrew smiles as he can't
believe how awesome Mugsy is modeling!
Hello! He's a PRO!

After the shoot, Mugsy showing Andrew how
Bullies give love after he shows his stuff!

♥The Crown Jewel Collection♥
Store pricing is $45 to $79! Website doesn't reflect in store pricing! Now that we mfr AND sell direct to you...we cut the middle man pricing to benefit our valuable customers! Studs/bling or Spikes/bling, USA Made, Amazing suede colors, lined in soft Nubuck, edges sealed, machine stitched & designed to be soft and not irritate our bully's sensitive skin/coat! Made to LAST! Mugsy's looks brand new, it's 3 years old! Cleaning? Glass cleaner on a quality paper towel does the trick! 


This is Sampson!! His parents Ray & Lisa came in to visit,
shop and get Bully advice!
Yes, we help your behavior issues, give you advice, have the TOP products to correct your dog and arealways here for

you to have a happy and balanced family!
It's a Bully Thing!
Scully and Teri came to visit the store yesterday! Boy has he grown from Bling & Bullies Runway Show and the Holiday Carnival!!
Teri got him some great Bully items and she got BITEWEAR!
Coolest bulldog shirt yet!
We sold out of our first stock the very first week we opened! If you're a dog owner, you need this cooling pad! If you're a Bully Owner...this is a MUST HAVE! Dogs are dying in record numbers for heat exhaustion, right here in Vegas! This pad cools the exact body spots needed to keep your dog's body at a comfortable temperature.
Use: BBQ's, Pool parties, transport to the Vet, a day out, after outdoor exercise and more! Don't wait until there is an emergency!
This pad should be in your 'dog bag' at all times!

Saturday are available in store! Stock Replenished! Some are pre-sold! Come in this weekend to get yours!

•Economical and effective
•Great way to cool down your pet on a hot day;

can be used indoors or outside.
•Provide 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking;

extremely lightweight and durable
•Comfortable, quilted nylon outer with HyperKewl™ fabric inner, and water repellent nylon liner, and black poly-cotton trim
•Colors: Blue, Silver

Mugsy Malone gets A LOT of attention at his store... this is Angela who came for a visit and fell in love with the King today! Mugsy gives Bully Love to all ages! It's a Bully Thing! Great to meet you Angela!!!
This cutie came with his mom to visit us yesterday!
He was hoping to meet KoKo (our Puppy Prom Queen) the ShitZu...
I think our store is also a "Match Making service" now! LOL so cute!
The BIG Union Flag beg came today!! Isn't it beautiful! The filling is treated to protect from soils, slobber & peepee! Very high quality!
Come see for yourself!
Surfer shirts!!! Yes they came in today!
Seersucker cotton stretch, shirt collars & our awesome sleeve patch!
At Mugsy & Moxie's boutique!!
Girl bully back packs here too! Pretty in pink!

Bully Back packs/seat belts are in. These are the boys! Go USA!

Eva, doggie daughter of Kate owner CupKates LV got her flavored Dog Saver PINK bone today as the shipment arrived.
Mommy Kate says she LOVES her new bone!

Dawg to Dawg custom hats and 3D foiled shirts ladies/men! These are AWESOME! Friday they will be in store. Hats are major custom!
Must see! Hats &19.99 Shirts $24.99. Limited stock!
See you on the weekend!
Look what we got in today!!!
Replenished stock of flavored treat station toys!!
Stimulates your dogs! Calms, keeps busy, they float too!

Small/Large Bones!
New Retriever Sticks & Flyers! 

ONLY! $7.99 - $14.99!
Our new art piece addition by Vintage Key Antiques!
Can you find the L❤VE button?!
 It's English Bulldog hour at Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture!! Meet Diva & Dilbert with they're family! Came to get pet corrector, cool mat and earth friendly poop bags!!! Aren't they cute??
Pixel the Boston Terrier came to visit tonight!
I think she was flirting with King Mugsy! What a cutie!
Look at this little guy! I mean the bulldog of course! What a lover boy! And what a nice family! Doing some shopping today at Mugsy's store! 
ONLY at Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture!
US made by a Pitbull owner! 

Serious and fun exercise that STIMULATES your dogs.
Great for exercise, mentally challenge hyper breeds, training, agility, introduction to water and swimming and more!

We are the only dog store to carry them in NV... and we are SOLD OUT!

More coming by next weekend!
We have Large, new shorter pole, packages, fleece tugs...
Stay tuned we'll let you know when they arrive!

Look who came to visit! Kane and Annie!
We had sooo much fun! Thanks Annie!

Jillian from The Dog House store came to visit us today! Getting some serious Mugsy love!! Stay tuned! We're teaming up for BIG things!!
It's a Bully Thing!❤

 Kate from CupKatesLV came to make Mugsy HAPPY at the store!!!
He LOVES Auntie Kate!!! Can you tell? LOL!

King Mugsy Malone at his boutique working. I found him pouting at CupKates store in The Market LV! Aunt Kate!!
Where's my pup cakes? LOL!

Just Arrived! 
ONLY at our store!

Lavender scented Biodegradable Poop Bags
Clip to connect to clothes or leash
Recycled packaging
Thick/Large bags!

Dispenser with full bag roll $1.00 while they last!
Refill Box - 8 rolls/120 lavender scented $5.99
Best all natural poop bags that are EARTH FRIENDLY & GREEN!

Moving fast already!

Mugsy's biggest fan, Jeff Fiti came to visit! Mugsy can't control himself! Some serious Bully love going on!

Mischief & Mayhem came to the boutique and shopped Bully Stuff! Cooling pad, lifeguard swim vest, bio degrade able
poop bags and pet corrector!
They are SET!

 Mugsy giving love & welcoming EVERYONE to his new boutique!
He is such a HAM!

Mugsy had a special couple stop by for her birthday! Shitz owners too! The King had to say Happy Birthday BULLY STYLE!
Salsa dance and wet kisses! 

This is Gus Gus the English bulldog. 6 yrs old & this boy looks fantastic!! Came to flirt with us at the boutique this evening.
Thanks Gus!

Come back soon! 


Sunday, July 1, 2011

Henry & Louise came to visit today! Founders of Cats, Inc.!
One of our charities here in Vegas!
❤❤❤ We LOVE such support! ❤❤❤

2010 Ambassador Sig-Pitbull
The Sablan Family Came to support us and shop!
What a fun time with this awesome crew!

BULLY TOYS that have been tested! They have treat stations to stimulate your dogs! We are SOLD OUT today, but don't worry!
We have our order coming in this week! Bones, flyers and sticks!
For small to large dogs!

Saturday, June 30, 2012 we opened our new bully boutique.  Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture.
It was a very special day

enjoyed by old and new bully fans!

Judy Talmon, Ambassador Dotty's Mom an
 her daughter Jennifer Hage came in with lots of bully love. 
Judy presented a very
special gift that she made for us.
A memorial book of Queen Moxie Mia.
Thank You so much Judy,
we will always cherish it.
 And she had special belly rubs for Mugsy!

Danny Chavez Of Danny's Dogs dropped by with Jake and Flex.

Bully Bling and Lots Cool Things!

We carry the MISUNDERSTOOD PITBULL toy. For humans only not a dog toy. Created by a local artist!  Great for Pittie owners, cool gift for dog lovers, gift wrap topper, cool for kids 3 and up, softest toy ever!

Meet Bravo a new bully fan!

King Mugsy and the BB girls,
Bonnie Blue & Bella Blue of the Maltese Pack, 
were there to meet and
greet all of our Bully Fans!

Then lots of bully fans came!

Our very first customer Ambassador Rhino and his Mom Sang. 


Sneak Peak of
Your New Bully Store!

Soft Opening!
Mugsy & Moxie's Bully Couture
Saturday, June 30th, 2012

 10 am
The Market LV at Tivoli Village!
420 Rampart
 2nd floor on top of BRIO


Today our Customer Service Counter got wrapped!
This is the front view featuring The King & Queen of Bo & DeeMo.

All Hail to the King & Queen!

The side view lists all our bully breeds with a whimsy feeling!
The counter is not finished yet! But the wrap looks amazing!
Everyone was loving it at The Market LV today!

The guys installing the slatwalls, they weigh about 80 pound each!  It took 3 people to hold them up while they were being anchored to the walls.  If you think they look good now... just wait until you see them with all of the bully couture!  Only 11 more days until were open!

 Getting the final anchors in.

Dee inspecting the work.  She is ready to put the final touch up
on them and get your favorite bully merchandise hung!


On Tuesday, June 19th we came in to find that our glass doors
had been installed.  They are gorgeous!  We love them!
Each opening has 3 panels, shown here open. 

This is how they look closed.

Paint goes up on the walls!
Monday, June 18th was the
first day to actually start
working in the store.

Only 12 more days until were open!


All last week the Bo & DeeMo team worked
sanding and painting furniture for the store.

Victorian Display Table Before

Victorian Display Table After

Victorian Chairs Before

Victorian Chairs After

Table bottoms before.

Table bottoms after.  This wrought iron table leg was black and then painted to a deep burgundy color and the edges trimmed in silver.

Your new bully store to open
Saturday, June 30th!

On Wednesday, we did our walk through of The Market LV with Tivoli Management.  Our store space is all ready to go for our team to come in a get it ready for our big debut!

This is our corner space.  The reclaimed wood is up on the aisle walls throughout the mall and looks beautiful!  We have two big windows and three full glass entry ways for our boutique!

This is another angle from the "corner" view.
All the openings will be entryways with clear glass.

The left is reclaimed wood they used for a warm feeling throughout the Market LV.  All ceilings are seen showing raw metals, canned lighting that sets the mood for shoppers.  Don't's AIR CONDITIONED!  Our store floor will be polished cement! Yay!


On Sunday, the Bo & DeeMo family were hard at work
getting everything ready to open the store... 

Sanding, Priming, Painting, Upholstering, Pictures
and Cooking (we had to eat)!

Dee Mounts

Kevin Mounts
Andrew Minnix
 Jonelle Minnix
Diana Leonard

Young Leonard
King Mugsy and Ambassador Tucker
kept an eye on the whole crew!
It was a very successful day!
King Mugsy
Ambassador Tucker

Chairs were upolstered!


King Mugsy went to work on Friday inspecting
all aspects of the construction... So far he approves!


We found this beautiful Armoire at Vintage Key Antiques.



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