Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bullies Helping the Kitties
Charity Spotlight

C.A.T.S., Inc.
Colucci's Animal Trappers & Savers, Inc.

Bo & DeeMo supports Non Profit 501(c)3 charities by holding fundraisers, media interviews and through the sales of our products. We currently support 3 animal organizations and 1 Meals on Wheels-Catholic Charities: Senior's Pets for the holidays. Please support our family of charities by donating money, pet food/supplies or your time! Bo & DeeMo LOVES animals and we hope to inspire you to get your Volunteerism on.

It's a Bully Thing!

Henry and Louise Colucci have spent most of their adult life helping and rescuing animals.  On December 14, 1998 they took their passion further to form Colucci's Animal Trappers & Savers, Inc. aka C.A.T.S., Inc. as a 501(c).

“Our primary function in these tough economic times is to provide free animal food to organizations that help animals and people who help suffering animals as well. This unique and noble undertaking is what we call our "Pay It Forward Free Animal Food Donation Program" which includes many other local 501 c 3 charities, homeless people with dogs, animal rescuers, feral cat colony care takers, and as many people as we can that simply cannot afford to purchase animal food right here in Las Vegas. We never charge anyone for any of our animal food or supplies that we distribute to them. We exist solely on fund raisers, such as yard sales, etc.”

"The Colucci's are the best in volunteerism. Their dedicated love to help others feed our starving and abandoned pets is an inspiration. Our children should learn such a value by dedicating their time to help others. This would be a great parent-child weekend to do something positive for our community. We love & support Henry & Louise."   Dee Mounts, Bo & DeeMo

All proceeds we receive from donations go to help animals.   We especially need someone to volunteer and do Yard Sales for C.A.T.S., Inc.   We solely survive on donations and if we are to continue this position needs to filled as soon as possible.

Please visit our website at www.catsinclv.org or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/catsinclv to learn all about us and fill out a Volunteer Application.  You can also contact us by email: catsinc@cox.net

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