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Bringing Home Your New Bully Baby... How to Be Prepared for Your New Life Together

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Bringing home a new Bully Baby is just like bringing home a human baby, except guess what… they already know how to walk, run, chew and get into trouble!  So, BEFORE you bring home your Bully Baby… GET PREPARED!  It is so important to start your lifelong commitment off on the right foot.

Bully Baby Check List

Veterinarian - General Vet, Holistic Vet & Vet Dermatologist
Ask your friends, family, bully groups or clubs for references.  Interview from your short list of vets and choose the one you like.  *It’s important if you take your bully with you around town to have a second Vet on the other side of town in case you have an emergency.* Driving 20 miles in a 911 situation is not something we suggest.  Two Vets, opposite sides of town will ensure you are always close to medical help.

Pet Insurance  
Start their program as soon as you get your bully.  Shop prior to choosing your bully and receive multiple quotes.  Bullies require constant medical care but PI can save your bank account!

Bully Bank Account
Yes, you read it right!  You should have a savings account started with a minimum balance of $500.  This is for emergency services, illness, scheduled surgeries (if needed), insurance deductibles or anything pertaining to the bully’s needs that your regular budget can’t afford.  Remember, bullies are coveted breeds.  They need attention throughout the day like a human child. 

A good rule: If you can’t afford to BUY the bully, you can’t afford to properly CARE for the bully!  So research each bully breed before you choose your breed.  If not, you are only contributing to kill shelters, neglect and the ruin of the bully.  Be Bully Smart!

Pet Store
Local or online that carries bully specific items from facial cleaning items to bully tough toys.

Baby Proof your House and Backyard
No escapes, no poisonous plants, no sharp obstacles, nothing your bully might chew and get sick on.

Bully Baby Shopping List

Food and Water Bowls
Stainless steel is a good choice because glass can break, plastic can be chewed up and can harbor bacteria.

Elevated Feeders & Water Dishes
Helps digestive systems and is the best way to feed your bullies, and they can't push it around while eating.  Some come with “growth” legs so they can be raised as they grow.

Adjustable Harness, Collars and a Leash
It’s best to buy the “cheaper”    accessories to train your puppy.  They chew or rebel these items at first. Once the puppy is at least a year old, you can purchase the higher end/fancy accessories you know they won’t chew.

Crates and Pens
Dogs are "Den" animals.  Create a safe haven, a place to keep your baby away from the hazards in your home (electrical cords, plants, furniture).  This is also a safety when you leave the puppy for a time as it protects the bully from serious injury, eating your trash, chewing electrical cords, peeing/pooping throughout the house. Just prepare to purchase another one when the bully grows to adult size.

Cleaning Supplies
Paper towels, baby wipes, enzyme remover for potty accidents and crate cleaning, 100% cotton pads for ears/drying face folds are all important to have on hand.  Budget this into your funds as you will need plenty for the first year!

Bath Towels
Soft cotton towels are the best to fill the crate.  They are machine washable, reusable and economical during potty training. 

Beds and Blankets
You will want something that is machine washable.  Remember they will grow quickly so you don't want to buy the cute baby size, plan ahead or you will be spending a lot more money.

BEWARE, make sure they are DOG TOYS!  Big enough and NO children's toys as the eyes and stuffing can be a CHOCKING HAZZARD.  Make sure that they cannot swallow it. Chew toys are essential for teething and to protect your furniture.  We suggest the freezer bones: (wet with tap/bottled water, put in freezer for 20 minutes, let puppy chew/teethe safely, repeat when warm), available online or local chains. Never leave puppy unattended with stuffed/squeaker toys-dangerous.

You will want to find out what they have been fed and wean them off gradually. Your Vet can instruct you how to accomplish changing their food.  Buy the best you can afford to give them the best nutrition to promote the best health.   

Tooth brush and bathing aides, soaps, toe nail trimmers, quality shampoos/conditioners, evaporating cleaners for eyes, ears, butts and face folds is a MUST. Also, find a really good groomer.  Bullies are a special breed and have special care needs.  You will need to clean their folds regularly throughout the day, each day.  Starting the bully with teeth brushing is important.  The "short nose" bullies can have complications with any regular surgery such as dental cleanings or spay/neuter, so brushing their teeth at least once a week will keep their gums and teeth healthy and avoid such procedures if you can.

As soon as you get your bully baby home, it’s training time!  In your home, the basic commands: sit, stay, down, leave it, go, off and of course, NO should be taught. If you don’t know how to train, it’s best to hire a quality trainer to work with baby IN YOUR HOME.  Being the pack leader is extremely important from the moment you meet.  Everyone in your household and all visitors must use the same commands and respect YOUR rules.  If not, the baby will take over from confusion causing everyone unhappiness!  Need a good trainer? Just ask us!

Just because you can’t take your baby OUT, doesn’t mean you are to ignore his needs for exercise.  Mental exercise is provided through training & teaching him commands.  Physical exercise is puppy play time controlled by YOU, training him to walk on the leash properly IN THE HOUSE and introducing him to his “safe haven” the crate or the pen.  Consistency is key and patience is required!  Your puppy will be tired from these exercises and fulfilled.  YOU will be happy, in control and your bully will reward you with affection for being a great pack leader!

Bully Baby No-No List

X DON'T take your new baby to the dog parks or socialize around other dogs until two weeks AFTER they have completed their shots.  We know it's hard not to show off your new baby, however, your bully can become ill!  They haven’t finished their vaccinations to protect their immune system.  Family should also repeatedly wash their hands before and after handling the puppy.  Not following this rule can result in death or serious and costly emergency services. Take a lot of photos and share on your social media pages!

X DON’T NO RAWHIDES EVER!!! Rawhides do not digest and can only cause major problems and expensive vet bills. Bullies already have special bodies that need constant attention.  This includes “bully sticks” and “greenies” as per breed experts.  Try the fruits/vegetables as treats (while supervised).  If you need the Safe List, just ask us!

X  DON’T WEATHER:   Bullies CAN NOT HANDLE HEAT because of their short snouts, the cooling agent in a dog, they can suffer brain damage and even death QUICKLY… Please be careful with a bully.  They can NEVER LIVE outside while you are at work or away from your home.  Bullies are also sensitive to COLD temperatures.  Protect your baby from all climates properly!

X DON’T  LEAVE UNATTENDED!!! Bullies GET STOLLEN!!!   Bullies are NOT backyard dogs, ever!  They do get stolen from owner’s yards, in cars while owners are doing errands and even at dog parks when you’re on your cell phone or chatting with another person.  So, pay attention, be over protective on this issue. 

DON’T let strangers take photos of your bully without permission FIRST!  This is another way to identify you/your bully and steal your dog! Always keep your eyes on your bully.

We educate our Bully Nation to help the breeds live a long fulfilled life with great bully families.  Not everyone can have a bully, but if you do, we vow to help you through the good & the bad times.  We are here to help you be the best bully family, just contact us at with your questions!

Congratulations on your Royal Bully Baby! Remember to post pictures on our Facebook wall to brag and share!

It’s a Bully Thing!

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