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Body Talk - K9 Zen of Danny Chavez

Imagine suffering from allergies in your environment; severe enough to face death numerous times as a young child.  
Growing up on a four acre property is heaven for most children, yet Danny Chavez’ Father had to sell their beautiful property, move into a small house in the city of Bogata, Colombia to minimize his son’s allergy issues. 

Growing up Danny had a fearful childhood living in Colombia; along with his illness, his Mother would coddle him and became very over protective, which made his fears worse. 

Danny shares,  "In Colombia, people were abusive and mean to dogs.  As a child, I witnessed dogs being thrown from two story buildings into the middle of the street.  Motorcyclists kicking dogs while driving by.  People killing dogs then eating them in front of other dogs.  It was violent and disrespectful."

Danny had always felt a deep connection with animals in general.  He wanted to know the reasons why they behaved in certain ways and most of all how he could learn to communicate with them and gain a certain bond.  Because of his life experiences he bonded with a pack of dogs.  

He moved from Colombia to Orlando, Florida where he learned how to train and communicate with dogs from Ed Reyes, a police dog trainer. 
He had just finished getting his dog training license and thought he knew it all.  Then he lost his dog Hooch for the simple reason that he was not his leader.  Something across the street sparked Hooch's attention, he ran and the leash slipped from Danny’s  hand and he could not stop him Hooch was hit by a car and died on the way to the hospital in the back seat of Danny’s car.  Danny shares tearfully, “I still have guilt, my heart is still broken over Hooch.”

In Loving Memory Of Hooch
It was at that point that he decided to dedicate himself to help others communicate with their dogs.

Danny’s Training Methods are based on three things...

Influence, Trust and Respect!

Everything, every situation, every emotional feeling you have influences your dogs. 

Gaining the trust of the dog is an important step.  If the dog doesn’t trust you, the dog will not follow you, or your commands. 

The human MUST respect the dog as a DOG.  "I'm not a fan of equipment.  There are so many collars available to the public, but owners must learn how to use them AFTER they have successfully done the three most important actions:  Influence, Trust and Respect".

During our interview, we all sat around the room with a room full of dogs discussing "Danny’s Way".  As King Mugsy Malone jumped up on Danny there were no words or oral commands to correct Mugsy.  Danny made slight body movements talking to the bulldog through energy.  In a matter of seconds, Mugsy left Danny’s space and respected him.  It was like magic really.  Seven dogs belonging to three different people and the room was "balanced" and "peaceful".

Danny’s Analogies:
This will help you understand his philosophy so that you can be a leader to your dog.

The leash is like the umbilical cord from Mom to baby.  Everything she feels, eats and drinks directly effects her baby without words or oral communication.  Learning how to hold the leash and transfer your commands without speaking to your dog is amazing.  But you are “speaking” through how you are feeling or your energy.  Slightly tugging to correct or tell the dog what you want is barely a movement and a quick reaction from the dog.   

Please watch Danny in action!
Controlling the Dog: 
People are taught to be forceful in voice, even verbally abusive to train your dog. Danny states, "Controlling is not fixing the issue.  From the moment you meet any dog, you must ignore and through your energy demand respect from the dog.  This will make your training more positive for all".   

Please watch Danny in this video

Correcting the Owner: 
Go back and remember when you were a kid.  Your Dad had already punished you for something you did, but Mom comes in and argues with him in front of you.  Remember the feeling?  Hum, I can "work" Mom easier to get what I want, but Dad is staying strong! But whatever he says doesn’t mean much because Mom is overriding him! ... Oh MY!!!  Danny says, "Never come in and correct the owner in front of the dog".  The dog gets confused, just like you did when your parents were contradicting themselves in front of you.

It’s simple really.  Doing activities, physical exercise for twenty minutes before training will give you the upper hand and respect from your dog.  You have just released "excitement", fulfilled the dog’s need of exercise and they are ready to listen to you.


What to do before you "Fix"
  1. Must get the dog to follow you… literally.
  2. Mind/Body connection first.  Structured exercise or walk establishes leadership to the dog.
  3. Equipment - True communication is without the leash or collar.
  4. Nature - Nature is forgiving, has wisdom and demands respect.  You can accomplish this with patience.
  5. Pitch - Be careful of the pitch in your voice.  High voice excites the dog, Angry voice confuses the dog etc. 

Danny... "The foundation I believe in is to teach dogs and people to communicate with each other.   It’s simply building a relationship between you and your dog using the most important building blocks Trust, Respect and Leadership".

I believe if you earn your dogs trust and respect this can help you bond with your dog easily and quickly. With bonding, comes understanding your dog’s mind and getting to know him or her and vice versa. 

These are one of the main reasons I don’t believe in using force and intimidation on your animals.  It will only make things more difficult and you will be missing out on gaining a true friend that we all call "Man’s Best Friend".

Dee Mounts, Co Owner with husband, Kevin Mounts of
Bo & DeeMo’s retail store, Mugsy & Moxie’s Bully Couture asked Danny to teach a free session to their customers who needed to "see" Danny’s Way.  "It was so successful, Danny & I decided to book an event each month.  At least for a while, so dog owners can learn how to become positive leaders through communication", Dee states. 

 A few students listening to Danny
share his "way" in the August class.

Cody, showing Danny respect!
Danny getting to know Dozer & Cocoa along with the rest of his class.
Jeff, the Boston Terrier has all eyes on Danny!

Dee Mounts CEO/Co-Owner 
Bo & DeeMo & Mugsy& Moxie's Bully Boutique

I work with many dog trainers, Danny has a real connection with animals and his training methods fit many dog owners concerns:  Gentle Training.  Witnessing Danny “talk” to dogs solely through body language to correct behavior is amazing to say the least.  He is a talent we had to write about and share his gift with our customers and fans.  I love working with him and refer many clients. Danny has a magical connection with animals.  I had to write a story about his amazing gift. Everyone who hires him has only great things to say about their experience.  100% positive feedback on trainers is very rare!

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