Monday, February 28, 2011

Bully Nation Arrives 2011!!

Ambassador Rhino

Lady Jane

Ambassador Chloe


If only politicians ran such clean good campaigns! That is what the Bullies and their parents just did! On January 30th the 3rd Annual Bully Baby Model search took place. What exactly is a Bully Baby Model Search? Bo & DeeMo is dedicated to promoting the nine Bully Breeds and each year the model search brings out Bullies who would like to represent their breed. The campaign was run on Facebook and Bully parents sent in videos (links provided) and postcards! But it is more than looking for the best Bully, a large part of whom is chosen is based upon the owners/handlers relationship with their Bully.

Some of the Bully’s were raised in the lap of luxury and all are now much loved “fur children, part of the family.” However once in awhile a Bully is chosen that has a “horrific story” to tell that helps Bully Breeds. Such is the story of Lady Jane (chosen 2011.) She came into the veterinarian hospital with a bullet to the head; her former owner chose to use her as a “canine Russian roulette” target. Suffice to say that Lady Jane has been rescued and her temperament is sweet, great manners with people and dogs and wags her tail like no other! A GREAT ENDING with a NEW beginning for Lady Jane and her family. As Owner Dee Mounts says, “This is another story of NOT THE PITBULL OR THE DOG...IT'S THE OWNER and Thankfully Michelle was there! BULLY PAWS UP as we are PROUD to have this family represent our PITBULLS for 2011!”

Ambassadors for Bo & DeeMo reign for one year.  Their position is vital as a positive representative of the company and their breed. Lords & Ladies also reign for one year and they are called upon to participate in red carpet events, print modeling, television appearances and boutique openings. Bully Models were also chosen and will be asked to represent their unique breed when more than one breed/bully is needed. Whether an Ambassador or Lord or Lady or Model, expect to see these Bully Breeds strut their stuff across Las Vegas and the World!

It is recommended that each Bully undergo unique challenging training by Police Officer Frank Sorrentino, a former K9 Officer for the LVMPD's K9 Unit of 11 years. He helps each Bully find their inner super model but more importantly helps them deal with the unique challenges of being in an environment where flashbulbs are popping, crowds are cheering and music is blaring! The Bully’s will be ready to meet the public on their first appearance which will take place on March 26th at the MJ's Bling & Bullies Fashion Show for Charity.!/event.php?eid=197729650242208

Attached is the video of what exactly and how “The Making of a Baby Bully Breed Ambassador/Lord/Lady/Model” was conducted! We hope you enjoy it as much as Bo & DeeMo and renowned pet photographer Arica Dorff of  Pet'ographique did making it! Also attached are photos of some of the wonderful lovely “Bullies of 2011.”

About Bo & DeeMo
Bo & DeeMo specializes in designing one of kind in limited edition “Bully Couture.”  These designs are specifically designed with the unique confirmation of the Bully Breed. Bo and Dee’s fashion Muses King Mugsy Malone and Queen Moxie Mia both English Bulldogs are the inspiration behind the fashion line. Designer Dee Mounts takes great care in picking out quality fabrics which will are not only comfortable but stylish as well. Taken into consideration is the touch and feel of how the fabrics and accessories interact with the Bully Breed and all dogs’ fur and skin. No itchy or rough woven fabrics allowed! Co-Owner Brandi shares Dee’s passion for the breed and brings her sense of fashion color and flair to each distinctive design.

You Tube Link – Bully Model Search Video -

After all “It’s a Bully Thing”

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